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Cedar Run Company

Discover Our Journey to Becoming Cedar Run Company

Cedar Run opened for business in 2011, but our history goes back much further than this!

In 2004, Last Hope Animal Rescue was founded by a small group of local animal advocates, including our owner, Sonia Brandley.  The non-profit worked primarily within Linn and Benton counties, helping stray and abandoned dogs to get medical care and go on to be adopted.  In 2008, Sonia created a shelter at her home for the rescue dogs as it was clear there was a great need for temporary housing for these dogs seeking forever homes.  A 2,000 square foot shelter space was created, with an additional 8,000 sqaure feet of outdoor play yards.  This space housed an average of 15 rescue dogs, and was continually full as dogs were adopted out and found forever families, new intakes would join in their place. At one point, there were a whopping 42 dogs in residence! The shelter remained operating here until 2015, when the rescue went on to acquire a dedicated building in Cedar Rapids on 16th Ave SW.

Sonia learned firsthand the materials and equipment needed to create a safe space that could be easily cleaned and cared for while standing up to the daily activities of multiple dogs. In working with these rescue dogs, and their newly adopted families, many would come back to Sonia seeking help with training or boarding needs.  It was here that the notion to create a space that could include a dog daycare and boarding facility for the public was born!


Cedar Run Company has grown from having 4 employees to 50 plus, and now has three locations to serve pet parents! We added a grooming shop within the Last Hope Animal Rescue adoption center building with the addition of CR Grooming in 2017. In October 2022 we opened our second full-service location in Hiawatha!

We offer boarding, daycare and grooming at our Cedar Run Company #1 location at 2705 Stonegate Court Hiawatha.  Full-service pet grooming at CR Grooming located at 1823 16th Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids. Daycare, grooming, boarding and training at the Cedar Run Company #2 location at 860 North 20th Avenue, Hiawatha. 

Cedar Run Company
Boarding Kennels at Cear Run Company #2


Cedar Run Company employs animal lovers with diverse backgrounds; we currently have 2 certified trainers and 10 plus pet groomers on staff. We are a dedicated group of people who have discovered the passion in making a career out of chasing their dream job and spending their days working with animals! We continue to grow and change as a company, innovating and improving at each step. In the spring of 2021, we have updated our Stonegate Court facilities with the addition of an air purification system throughout the boarding facility.  We are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for your pets!

CR Grooming opened in 2017, within the Last Hope Animal Rescue adoption center building on 16th Ave SW.  We house 5 groomers, providing full-time grooming services to the public as well as the rescue animals in need.  CR Grooming was opened with the mission to support Last Hope Animal Rescue and provide the funds needed to cover full-time staffing needs for the rescue. This allows the non-profit to continue to operate without the added need for raising funds annually to cover these vital positions.

In October 2022, Cedar Run Company #2 opened on North 20th Ave in Hiawatha, in the former Camp Bow Wow facility. This location helps to increase our availability for pet parents and offers full-service daycare, grooming, boarding and training.  Our newest location features 5 daycares, space for 4 full-time groomers, and boarding space for dogs of all sizes! We have 40 suite size kennels, and 30 plus kennels for petite sized dogs at this new location.