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We’re dog people!

We don’t believe in a "one size fits all" training, and frankly, you shouldn’t either.

Your dog has individual needs. Together, we will craft a training plan that meets those needs in a fun, low-stress environment.

Schedule a discovery session with one of our trainers. We'll meet with you and your dog to discuss goals and objectives. Together, we'll determine which training option is the best fit.

We offer traditional options that include small group classwork to reinforce socialization and create a solid foundation for skill growth, as well as custom training options that allow for skill training that meets your dogs' individual needs.

Creating positive associations will lead to long-term success for your dog and your family!


Services We Offer

Play and Train

During the day, dogs come for daycare and spend one-on-one time working with our trainers. You will take home a tired pup with a new skill!

Our play and train services are ideal for dogs who will benefit from the socialization of doggie daycare services weekly, coupled with the need for learning new skills. This program is perfect for both young, high-energy dogs that need to learn a few manners as well as older dogs who are ready to learn new tricks!

Play and train work is fully customizable to the needs of your dog and your family. This program requires dogs to attend daycare at a minimum of two to three times per week, and the length of work will vary depending on the specific behaviors. Together, we will work on an action plan for skills to focus on during daycare sessions and create a timeline for this work.

Dogs will have multiple breakout sessions away from group daycare daily to work one-on-one with our trainers throughout the day. Owners will be provided with the knowledge of how to incorporate newly learned skills into daily routines.

Cedar Run Company

Small-Group Training Classes

Training classes at Cedar Run Company are available all throughout the year. We offer training for dogs of all ages, breeds, and skillsets. We prefer to keep our class sizes small to offer as much one-on-one assistance as each student needs and, we practice positive reinforcement training only.

Our classes meet one day a week, for six to seven weeks total, and are approximately one hour in length. Check our Facebook page for a current schedule of available classes!

Cedar Run Company

Puppy Class

It is open to all dogs that are 12 months of age and under. The primary focus of this class is socialization and introducing basic skills for your pup! We introduce skills, such as focus, sit, down, and stay, with the help of treats. This class also covers topics such as potty training, jumping, nipping, and barking. Graduates of Puppy Class are ready for Obedience 1.

Cedar Run Company

Obedience 1

This class is a great fit for any dog, regardless of its current skill set. The class can provide new tricks and techniques for dogs to learn or refresh the skills that they already know. This class will cover skills like focus, sit, down, stay, heel, and loose leash walking.

Owners should expect dogs to reliably respond to commands without treats. We also introduce release words to strengthen these skills. Basic obedience skills enhance a dog's life and create a stronger bond between an owner and their dog!

Cedar Run Company

Obedience 2

This class will reinforce and build on skills learned in Obedience 1 classes. Dogs and owners can expect to learn practical applications of skills with real-world scenarios, such as encountering strangers and added distractions. Graduates of Obedience 2 are prepared for AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing.

Let’s Keep Your Pet Happy, Healthy, and Active!